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Thread Lift

Thread Lift

When we are looking for a less invasive and convenient alternative to the traditional face lift technique, thread lifts are the right choice. Thread lift is perfectly design for people who show early signs of aging, such as sagging lines. Being extremely easy to carry out, the thread lift can be carried out in about half an hour, and does not need advanced anesthesia as well. The doctors carrying out the thread lift basically insert threads within the face, without needing any sort of incisions. These threads are basically attached to the skin tissue, and pulled to remove wrinkles and make the face smoother.

It is an immediate process in which the skin is lifted, which eliminates sagging and gives our clients the rejuvenating look they deserve. As the patients are fully conscious while the treatment is carried out, they can approve of the treatment themselves. Once the procedure has been carried out, the wrinkles are hidden under the skin and our clients look as young and fresh as before.