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As you age, your facial structures might lose volume and look older than you actually are. In order to support these structures, hyaluronic acid fillers are used, which are basically dermal fillers. Apart from support, these fillers make sure that the water can surface over the skin, making it look vibrant and fresh.

For women looking for a more youthful and vibrant look, soft facial wrinkles and crease, plump limps or enhanced contours, dermal fillers can be the best option they have. Dermal fillers are more commonly called “liquid facelifts”, because of the low downtime, yet the same effects as a surgical facelift.

Dermal fillers might not be so successful against a very sagging skin, but can skill add a lot of volume to reduce wrinkles, at a very lower cost than the surgery. As the treatment is not permanent, you need to make sure you repeat and maintain it time after time.

Before The Treatment:

  • Make sure to realize that dermal fillers is not a permanent treatment.
  • Semi-permanent treatments may also require re-treatments at times.
  • The retreatment is depended on how a certain body ages and absorbs the fillers.

After The Treatment:

  • There might be mild bruising or swelling.
  • Temporary redness or numbness.
  • You might get an “over-filled” outlook of the areas which have been treated.
  • You need to avoid strenuous exercise, exposure to heat or sun or alcohol for at least 24 hours.