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Mesotherapy is basically a cosmetic treatment, which has been designed in order to get rid of all the wrinkles on the neck and face, improve the contour issues on body which are related to cellulite; and treat the hair fall problem in women as well. Being a French technique initially, this technique is considered to be dermatological, and is only applied by certified cosmetic dermatology consultants. Whoever is over the age of 18, mesotherapy is the best option they have. There are different types of mesotherapies, for example, mesoglow and mesohair.


Mesoglow is basically a sub-technique, which is used to provide glow, and radiance to the skin tone; as well as improve the color. This treatment can be great in order to brighten the skin, tighten it and improve the pigmentation as well.


When you need an ideal treatment if you are suffering from hair fall, mesohair can be the best option you might have. In the form of injections fostering hair growth, mesohair therapy stimulates the flow of blood into the hair follicles. It can also gently exfoliate the excess skin cells, and provide nutrition to the hair roots.

Before The Treatment:

The procedure of mesotherapy is certainly not invasive, as the patient goes only through a thread of micro-injections, containing whitening, anti-aging, hyper-pigmentation, hair growing serum or lipolytic vitamins, injected in  the middle layer of the skin, called mesoderm. Through these injections, the body heals from inside and provides enhanced effectiveness and maximum delivery. The recovery time of the treatment is very short, and does not take long to show the results.

After The Treatment:

The pain which can be associated with the procedure is not much, although some minimal bruising might be seen on the treated area, which is likely to disappear with the first few days after the treatment.